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The elegance and sporting performance, reliability and amazing original style of Sauvage watches are unmatched.

Sauvage watches are for active and ambitious people who value their time.


With so many watches available today, it can be hard to know which one is best for you. One of the best brands to choose is Sauvage.

Sauvage timepieces combine extraordinary creativity, exquisite style and design, and modern technologies and movements. They are suitable both for everyday use and for active lifestyle.

Sauvage watches are made to a high level of precision, and to stringent standards of watchmaking. They are manufactured by top professionals, using modern technologies and highly reliable and precise Japanese and Swiss movements.In broad choice of Sauvage watches the demanding customer will always find an appropriate model for any occasion, like business meetings, class reunions, vacation travelling or romantic dinners.


Sauvage Strong Selection is a dynamic and original watches, chronographs on rubber straps and steel bands, models with complicated mechanisms.

Sauvage Strong Selection is create to emphasize the character of its owner. The high level of water resistant, reliable mechanisms, bright brutal design allow the updated lineup Sauvage Strong Selection to hold a high and prestigious position in the eyes of the competitors and buyers in the estimates.

Collection AUTOMATIC.

Sauvage Automatic Watch - Is the embodiment of strength and reliability.

A collection of high-quality mechanical watches Sauvage represent a true promise embodied in the name of this watch brand. Sauvage - "wild", "powerful", "energetic"!

Collection ENERGY.

The main traits of the Sauvage Energy collection are energetic lines of solid steel cases, which provide the watches with a confidently modern spirit, while the perfectly designed details such as a guilloche dial, screws on the bezel, or integration of circles in the design make them absolutely irresistible for any man.

These timepieces with multifunctional movements unite sophistication and performance and will suit any occasion at any time.

Collection DRIVE.

Black, red, and white rubber straps, black steel bracelets with aluminum inserts, bright and contrast dials provide the Sauvage Drive ladies’ and gents’ timepieces with an attractive sporting look.

Proven quality movements guarantee the precision and reliability of the watch in any situation.

Collection TRIUMPH.

The collection of gents’ watches. Calm, elaborated in detailed design and solid embossed stitched leather straps define the respectable yet uncommon look of these watches.

These timepieces are the perfect accessories for lovers of good-looking precision.